Itty Bitty City Kitchen • West New York, NJ

Itty Bitty City Kitchen • West New York, NJ 2017-06-05T14:13:15-04:00

Project Description

Located in a 1920s high-rise, my client’s little condo kitchen was in sad shape.

The victim of a DIY renovation, the electrical was not to code and in dangerous condition. A water leak had destroyed the plaster on the backsplash, there were no work surfaces, no task lighting and the cheap stock cabinets provided little storage. A partition blocked the kitchen from the living area, making it feel closed off and suffocating.

The obvious goal was to improve upon all the aforementioned items and to eventually sell or rent the unit when the client was ready to move on to her next home … this one being her first investment. This renovation would not only add value to her home, but also provide her with a more sophisticated entertaining space that she would be comfortable sharing with friends and family.

The most important item on our Scope of Work was to bring all electrical up to code. The kitchen was gutted and the wiring fully exposed. A non-bearing partition was removed, opening the kitchen to the living area and creating a more spacious, social environment with better air circulation and access to natural light. Cabinets were replaced with a higher-quality product that contain efficient storage solutions such as a tilt-out tray at the sink, a pull out spice rack adjacent to the cooktop and a lazy-susan above the sink area for full access. The fridge was re-located to a closet and deep, cabinets located above provide more storage.

Undercabinet fixtures bathe the work surfaces with bright light and countertops are made of laminate with the look of bamboo, to keep budget costs in check.

Up to code and lovely to look at , this itty bitty kitchen is now well-suited to a great, big city party!



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